Measuring Up: Stepping Up Performance Metrics

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INTRODUCTION During the growth stages of your business many companies focus their performance measurements on financial and costing information. These types of measurements usually represent outcomes of processes, but do not always provide the best information about what actually occurs behind the scenes. Your performance measurements must reflect and encourage a culture of people empowerment, the value of time, emphasis …

How should a supplier be measuring performance

Measuring Up: Your Performance as a Supplier

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Your company has been gaining traction and is growing.  It’s time to make a step change to becoming a world class supplier.  To become and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace, suppliers must develop performance measurements that will reveal current baseline values, highlight opportunities for improvement, and drive operational strategies. This article will focus on meeting the objectives of understanding …

Age Discrimination

Prove you are Young: Mining Charter III

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Every day in South Africa we are consciously discriminating, but with the launch of Mining Charter III the line between fair and unfair discrimination in South Africa is starting to blur. Picture this scenario: The year is 2019.  South Africa is facing uncertain times leading up to the next general election. But the attention of the world is riveted on …

BDS performance report

Measuring Business Development Support (BDS) Provider Performance

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The second Catalyst for Growth (C4G) report was released at the J.P. Morgan offices on Monday evening the 12th of June.  The report provides an analysis of the performance of Business Development Support (BDS) providers across South Africa.  Currently BDS providers submit their results to this platform voluntarily and all data that is captured is done so anonymously.  At the …

Supplier Development Relationship

The Conscious Courtship

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The Supplier Development Relationship The Supplier Development in South Africa has two polar extremes. On the one end of the spectrum are supply chain practitioners and end users who want better results from incoming suppliers than those delivered by the current suppliers. On the other end of the spectrum are development practitioners who are assisting individual entrepreneurs that are competing with a …

ESD Performance

Measuring ESD Performance

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The debate over BBBEE and its impact has heated up again recently during President Zuma’s speech of the nation address specifically to the point relating to radical economic transformation.  The week following SONA multiple news articles started debating ‘white monopolistic capital’ with prominent business men such as Christo Wiese throwing in their weight behind the debate.  Many of the articles …

Strategic Sourcing go to Gemba

Why Strategic Sourcing should go to the Gemba

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Going to the Gemba The Lean Start-Up movement has taught us that great innovations arise from having a good understanding of the customer problem.  This lean start-up idea of understanding the problem, originates in the lean Japanese concept of “going to the Gemba”, which means going to the place where things happen or value is created.   Entrepreneurs everywhere have benefited …

Supplier Development Funnel

The Supplier Development Funnel

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* This article was originally published in TFM Magazine and is republished here with the expressed permission of TFM Magazine. Enter the Funnel At the heart of pressure felt in Preferential Procurement is the demand for ‘Black’ owned Empowering Suppliers to provide goods and/or services, in very specific or specialised procurement categories, compared to those currently supplying such goods and/or …

ESD Strategy Initiation

10 questions to help you Initiate and Integrate a Successful ESD strategy

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Under the old BEE Codes, enterprise development was the most neglected element, followed closely by preferential procurement. The Amended Codes of Good Practice brings together preferential procurement, supplier development and enterprise development into one priority element, forcing organisations to proactively address historic disparities within their supply chains. It is clear that the Department of Trade and Industry, in merging these …

Creating supply chain value, not compliance, drives ESD success

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The developmental nature of ‘transformation’ becomes a complex process when we consider the overwhelming commitment within supply chains to receiving high-level quality, consistent delivery and cost effectiveness.Such a commitment leads organisations to carefully evaluate the risks versus the benefits when implementing their ESD strategies. However, only from the vantage of a holistic overview will organisations realise that it is the …

Towards a Strategic Decision Making Framework for Enterprise and Supplier Development in South Africa

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This paper was first delivered and presented on the 12 – 14 June 2016 at the 38th Annual SAPICS Conference & Exhibition where after it was republished by on 16 June 2016.  The article can be downloaded here from History of BBBEE & Preferential Procurement Supplier Diversity as we know it today has its roots in the Civil …

Baby Steps – How the Entrepreneurial journey can be even more important than the destination.

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Having recently adopted a baby girl I have once again had the privilege of watching the development process taking place first hand.  First teeth come with sleepless nights and grabbing something out of reach comes with painful face plants.   It has reminded me of the old maxim that the magic of life is in the journey as much as in …

Supplier Development Risk

Managing the Five C’s of Supplier Development Risk

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With all the discussion about Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) many in South Africa have missed one of the biggest areas that will soon be affecting their BBBEE score.  BBBEE in South Africa is driven through the procurement process.  In this process most of the discussion in the past was around a company’s BBBEE Level Status.  In the amended codes …