ESD Programmes

Entrepreneurial Development Bootcamp

Our development boot camp fast-tracks growth by focussing on the strategic fundamentals of the early stage start-up company.  The development boot camp targets each assumption in the early start-up process giving entrepreneurs the ability to isolate the risk in their business strategy and target interventions based on this risk. 

Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

Entrepreneurial Township Development Programme

The challenges and opportunities relating to township Entrepreneurs are different than those experienced elsewhere.  These programmes cater specifically for these needs, adjusting for the identification and profile of the entrepreneurs and the geographic and situational requirements.


Entrepreneurial Growth Programme

This programme is specifically targeted at established entrepreneurs that are looking to improve their efficiencies and grow their market share.  The programme takes place over 12 months and develops all the integrated systems across each entrepreneurial business.  Entrepreneurs are provided with a personal mentor/coach and nominated advisors, but also partake in specialised workshops targeting specific development needs.  This programme aligns with the supplier development needs of the company seeking to develop the entrepreneurs.



Supplier Development Programme

Our supplier development programme starts by identifying the customer specification & requirements and works back to the developmental needs relating to the quality requirements in the business.  In comparison to the Entrepreneurial Development programme the supplier development programme has a balance between the development of the managerial components and employee engagement.  Our programme makes use of a lean business improvement methodology targeted at increasing operational efficiencies in the company. 

Customised Development Interventions

Collective Value Creation has partnered with the world leading experts in businesses incubation—June Lavelle and Associates.  With over 30 years of business incubation experience and more than 22 business incubators established in countries such as the United States, Poland, Russia, Romania and Burundi to name a few.  Their consulting client list includes the United National Development Programme, the World Bank, UNIDO and USAID, governments and local sponsors.  To this effect our expertise can cater for almost all needs relating to entrepreneurial development.  Call us now to discuss your specific requirements.